Replacement Glass

If you are an expert or very handy, this is what you would do to replace a broken glass unit in your existing window.  Otherwise, you should call us to do this for you.

  • 1 Measure the window opening for the size of the glass that you will need. When measuring go from the outside of the frame recess then subtract 1/8 inch. This measurement will be larger than the exposed section of glass. Measure the thickness also.
  • 2 Remove the trim pieces around the window. This is the metal/plastic strips that hold the glass in position. Try to save these pieces. To remove them use a flat screwdriver to pry up the edge next to the glass. They should pop out. If there is silicone holding them in place then they will need to be replaced.
  • 3 Call a local glass company for a price check. Find out the cost of the glass and trim ( if needed ) alone and also how much they will charge to have a technician install the pane. In some cases they make their money on material and charge very little to install it. They will also install new trim.

  • 4 Transport the glass home in an upright position. Do not lay the glass down flat when driving. It must always be carried on edge.
  • 5 Remove all broken pieces of glass. This included any small pieces that are stuck to the window frame. Clean the old silicone from the frame. A flat screwdriver will aid you here. For safety reasons remove all of the small broken glass before starting with the silicone. Clean up all of the mess.
  • 6 Place a bead of clear silicone around the window frame. The bead should be about 1/8 inch thick. This bead should not have any gaps.
  • 7 Press the glass against the wet silicone. This is easiest when you place the bottom tight against the frame then lean the top up into place.
  • 8 Install the trim pieces before the silicone dries. Start with the top section. Follow with the sides and then the bottom.
  • 9 Allow the silicone to dry. After it has dried use a razor knife to score the edge of the glass at the window frame in any areas that excess silicone squeezed out. Peel away the excess caulking.