I am a Colorado native from Delta, Colorado, where I owned a grocery store, farmed, and moved and remodeled houses. I had the great fortune to have a father who never knew what he wanted to do in life so he tried manyside businesses. While the grocery and liquor business were the life blood he always had ambition to try other things. As a result I grew up being exposed to many opportunities from operating large equipment , building houses, moving houses and remodel them again for rentals, to cutting meat, farming 300 acres of onions, all while living in and enjoying the outdoor world that surrounds Delta, Colorado.

I am an avid snowmobiler, boater, hunter, fisherman, and all around outdoors person. I love to follow my grandchildren to their special events. One is a dancer and the other is a competitive baseball player. I have an older grandson in Fort Collins working in the high tech field, building web sites. He is also an avid snowboarder, fisherman, snowmobiler and outdoors person.

I continue to use a business model based on what is important to me when I am purchasing products and services. The sales people need to be friendly and knowledgeable, they need to listen to what I want and be concerned and caring about those needs.

My goal is to consult with you and to listen to what your needs and concerns are and then help you with the best quality products, warranties and services I have available. I have over 40 years experience in either remodeling homes or commercial property, and no matter the size of the project, I find that customers value integrity above all.
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